Jeff GurneyWhat better place is there to live and work than Colorado. CBS4 News Senior Executive Producer Jeff Gurney feels lucky to have done both for more than ten years.

Gurney loves telling good stories and then turning them into a newscast that people look forward to watching. So much has changed since he started at CBS4. Jeff says, “Now, not only can we serve Coloradans with traditional newscasts on television, but we can also share what’s going on in our community through, text messaging, Facebook and Twitter.”

Jeff is an integral part of the CBS4 News management team. He launched the most recent newscast, CBS4 News at 6, in 2003 and helped revamp CBS4 News at 10 in 2004. Gurney has been recognized with numerous awards including the prestigious National Edward R. Murrow award for Best Newscast. He is also a graduate of the Poynter Institute for Excellence in Journalism.

In 1991, he graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in journalism. He started as a reporter in Missouri and Kentucky before taking on his real passion for producing in Tennessee and Florida. Jeff served as a producer at WSVN-TV in Miami, Florida from 1996 through 1999, and joined the CBS4 News team in 2000.

Just The Facts

• Position: Senior Executive Producer
• Alma Mater: Western Kentucky University
• Proudest Work-Related Moment: Winning a National Murrow Award
• Favorite Event: Colorado X Games
• Favorite Colorado Brew: Fat Tire
• Favorite Story All Of Them: If They’re Told Well
• Favorite Interview: Ronald Reagan
• Dream Interview: Dalai Lama
• Most Hours Worked In A Week: Hurricane Coverage In ’98
• Favorite Radio Station: KOA
• Hometown: Chicago, Ill.
• Favorite Author: Maya Angelou
• Pet: Chuk, a Miniature Schnauzer
• Favorite Ski Resort: Telluride
• Most Influential Mentors: Bill Kurtis, Walter Jacobson, Shannon High
• Dream Job: Ski Instructor
• Star Sign: Libra
• Favorite musicians: Fleetwood Mac, Whitney, Nine Inch Nails
• What one word best describes CBS4: Thoughtful

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