Anica Padilla is the Social Media Manager at CBS4. Anica graduated from the University of Colorado-Boulder with a degree in broadcast engineering and has over 15 years of experience in broadcast and digital news in the Denver market. Anica has worked as a master control operator, a newscast producer, a digital content producer and an on-air presenter (and a few other things in between.) Anica loves covering breaking news and sharing stories by creating graphics, videos and live content specifically for digital platforms.

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Anica studied the Leadership Challenge and served as a Leadership Champion at KMGH for two years, which required facilitating quarterly training sessions for all employees. She also coached a Destination Imagination team of middle school students for three years, which she said was much more challenging.

Just The Facts
Year hired: 2017

Alma Mater: University of Colorado-Boulder

Hometown: The Bay Area and East Bay in California

Dream job: Social Media Manager

Role model: Tina Fey

Star sign: Leo

First TV appearance: Weekend entertainment segment on KMGH-TV (Denver)
First story: A review of ‘Whales: Giants of the Deep’ at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Hobbies: Roller coasters, true crime podcasts and scary movies. Riding my e-bike. (No regular bikes. I don’t like hills.) Snowboarding, wakeboarding, paddle boarding. (No skateboarding. I just can’t.)

Why I am journalist: I love learning people’s stories and sharing their lessons.
Favorite food: Carnival/county fair food
Number of siblings: I have an amazing older sister who was a school teacher and is now a nurse

Favorite vacation spot: San Francisco

What one word best describes CBS4: Conscientious
Least favorite household chore: Cleaning the chicken coop

Favorite word: Vainglorious

Least favorite word: Irregardless

What’s your favorite music? Broadway
What keeps you in Colorado? CBS4, and a daughter at CSU!

What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken? Becoming a parent – STILL SCARY!
Who would play you in a movie? Tina Fey with a perm