Why Denver Public Health & Environment wants you to Pass Gas and Plug In

Save Money

  • Colorado is the most affordable state in the country to buy an electric vehicle (EV). Owners can take advantage of up to $12,500 in credits off any car with a plug.
  • How does $1 per gallon sound? That’s what filling up with an EV costs.


Reduce Harmful Emissions

  • Driving an EV is cleaner than a gasoline car.
  • Even accounting for emissions from power plants, EVs reduce greenhouse gas emissions 30% compared to a gasoline vehicle.
  • They also improve the air we breathe by releasing fewer smog causing pollutants.

Enjoy Freedom and Convenience

  • Never worry about going to the gas station again.
  • EVs can fit your lifestyle. There are over 20 kinds of EVs available in Colorado, including SUVs and minivans.
  • Also, with only a few moving parts compared to a gasoline vehicle, EVs need less maintenance so no more oil changes and a lot fewer trips to the mechanic.

What is a plug-in electric vehicle (EV)?

  • Passing gas requires a vehicle that plugs-in. A plug-in electric vehicle is simply an automobile that plugs in to a power source, stores electricity in a battery, and uses that electricity to power an electric motor. The result is powerful torque, zero tailpipe emissions and a quiet ride. No gas necessary!
  • Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) have both an electric motor powered by a battery as well as a standard gas engine. PHEVs operate only on electricity until the battery runs out, then an efficient gas engine powers the wheels until the vehicle is recharged. PHEVs are great for passing gas on your commute to work and are a great option for anyone concerned about EV range.

Go to Denver’s Pass Gas site to learn more.

Come Test Drive an EV
Denver is hosting a ride and drive event on September 12th by Civic Center Park from 11 to 2. Come out and see what it’s like to Pass Gas.

Use the map below to find a charging station near you.

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