DENVER (CBS4) – 2015 started off with heartbreak for the Broncos, and there have been several key changes for the organization as the year has gone on.

Throughout this year, the Broncos social media team has been at work documenting things behind the scenes in “Broncoland” (see reference below). If you’re a follower of the team’s Twitter page, one thing that probably has caught your eye is the Vines the team posts. That’s those extremely short, looping videos that can sometimes keep you glued to your screen a lot longer than you might expect.

In our opinion, the following are the Top 12 videos the team has placed on Vine this year:

No. 12:

One of the best thing about many Vines is the audio that’s heard as the clip loops. (Be sure to activate the volume for all of these clips!) In this one you see a field goal blocking drill during training camp, and some coach is really hollering.

No. 11:

It must be nerve-racking waiting to explode out of that tunnel.

No. 10

The Broncos defense is awesome. Chris Harris, Aqib Talib and T.J. Ward are three big reasons why.

No. 9

Do you know your Broncos trivia? What’s the name of this fine steed?

No. 8

This is an example of a Vine that is kind of hard to explain, but it just works.

No. 7

I’m instantly deafened just listening to this awesome Vine. Too bad the game against the Colts didn’t turn out like we all hoped.

No. 6

The Harlem Globetrotters visited the Broncos headquarters in March, and they let David Bruton in on the fun.

No. 5

Some Vines just reel you in. We could watch this loop of Owen Daniels catching the ball over and over and over and over and over and over …

No. 4

Every Broncos fan knows Von Miller has serious moves on the field. (In this case, we’re talking about dance moves, not moves to evade blockers.) This video proves it.

No. 3

That’s Louis Vasquez and Michael Schofield making some diving blocks in practice earlier this month. This team just looked pumped for the regular season action to begin.

No. 2

Have you ever seen a Broncos helmet without any of the decals on it? How cool would it be if this was your job?

No. 1

And here’s the No. 1 Vine from this year, in our opinion. John Elway’s declaration “Welcome to Broncoland” to a group of children at the team’s headquarters in April is a classic!