Colorado is a special place. All of us who live here take an active interest in protecting our home state, and working together to make it even better.

Our state is facing many difficult issues – violence in our cities, exploding growth, affordable housing, energy development, and more.

We do not shy away from reporting on those issues – but as we see every day, people in Colorado are working together to find solutions, to help each other and themselves. “Together 4 Colorado” is about telling those positive and empowering stories.

The idea for Together 4 Colorado originated from our viewers. We traveled all over the state and asked what would you like to see in a newscast? The stories below are what you told us.

  1. Tom Carney says:

    Stop being such sycophants to professional sports. Most of these millionaire jocks don’t even live in Denver. I don’t take pride in their winning. Why should I? They play for pay. I much rather champion the triumphs of everyday people.

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