DENVER (CBS4) – “School of Rock” is the hilarious, energetic story of wannabe rock star Dewey Finn. When Finn takes a job as a substitute teacher, he makes his dream come true by turning the class into a grade-A rock band. “School of Rock: The Musical” is playing at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts from May 29th through June 10th, 2018.

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Key to the whole show is the class, young actors ranging in ages from 9 to 11. These young actors have to be immensely talented to navigate the transition from straight-A students to a cohesive rock band, with the children playing their own instruments.

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“I just really love that every night, we just get to go on stage, you know, and just rock out, and make everyone in the audience so happy,” said Alyssa Emily Marvin, who plays “Marcy.”

Critic-At-Large Greg Moody’s Review

“School of Rock” features 14 new songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber, as well as, all the songs from the original movie. Along with the new songs, audience can expect more story, and more characters, making the musical a richer experience.

“They’ve really taken the movie as a jumping off point,” said Lexie Dorsett Sharp who plays “Rosalie.” “And so you actually get to see more of the development between the ‘Dewey’ character and the ‘Rosalie’character, which I think is wonderful. And you also get to see more of the relationship between ‘Dewey’ and the kids.”

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“So much more of the kids. It’s really fantastic,” added Rob Colletti, who plays “Dewey.”

What you can expect is that same sweet, demeanor that actor Jack Black has in the movie, and that ‘Dewey’ exudes through the dialogue.

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” Everyone that he kind of comes across, he sort of accidentally affects them very positively, and even effects himself, and he doesn’t expect to. Really, he has this fantastic ability to uplift everyone around him,” Colletti told CBS4.

“School of Rock” is a high energy experience, especially during the song called “Stick It To The Man.”

“I like ‘Stick It To The Man.’ It has the most energy for me,” said one of the child actors from the touring production.

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“We’re kind of experiencing it with the audience because we’re kind of living the story as they are too,” said another cast member.

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“It’s like as if they’re in the classroom on our screen. It’s as if they’re really in the moment,” added another young cast member about the connection between the children on stage and the audience.


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