Flooding (2)(credit: CBS)

WIGGINS, Colo. (CBS4) – Flood warnings are in effect in several areas on Colorado’s Eastern Plains, and the water has been swift enough to wash out some roads.

Antelope Creek in Morgan County washed out a large chunk of County Road J near County Road 6, south of Wiggins. At that spot on Monday morning deputies found a vehicle stuck in the water nearly up to its roof.

A deputy got suited up and dove into the water to perform a search and rescue thinking people could be trapped inside, but it turned out no one was there.

Authorities now say the vehicle, a Jeep, tumbled into the water Sunday night and they believe the people inside got out safely. They didn’t, however, report the abandoned vehicle to police. That’s something the Morgan County Sheriff is urging people to do.

Flooding (3)(credit: CBS)

Morgan County deputies said they initially didn’t have enough barricades and signs to place one at every county road that has been impacted. That left some drivers without warning of the danger up ahead.

In other cases, the sheriff said people are ignoring the barricades or even moving them and driving onto washed out roads anyway.

Flooding (1)(credit: CBS)

A nearby waterway was running so swiftly on Sunday that it swept away an ambulance. Fortunately everyone in the ambulance, including the patient made it out safely.

No injuries have been reported in Morgan County due to flooding.

Some Eastern Plains schools were closed on Monday due to the flooding problems.


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