There has never been anyone like the Marx Brothers. So it takes an amazing amount of boldness and confidence to put on one of their shows.

The Denver Center Theater Company is giving it a shot in the show “Animal Crackers.”

According to Critic at Large Greg Moody, they handled it beautifully.

In order to match up, performers must capture the style and timing of the Marx Brothers while dancing a line that is not too reverential, and not just pure imitation.

Animal Crackers A scene from “Animal Crackers” (credit: CBS)

“Animal Crackers” was the Marx Brothers’ third Broadway show after a lifetime on the vaudeville stage. It’s a light and fun show filled with Kalmar and Ruby songs that serve mainly as a backdrop to the adventures of Captain Jeffrey T. Spaulding.

Jim Ferris does great work as Spaulding, the Groucho character, especially as the show moves into some of the non-sensical routines. The one with the Chandler character was simply brilliant.

Likewise, Jonathon Brody dances the ivories as Chico. Jonathon Randall Silver was the embodiment of that sweet demonic angel, Harpo.

Light, fun, and leaving a smile on your face all night long, “Animal Crackers” runs through May 11. It takes place on the Stage Theatre of the Performing Arts Complex downtown. For tickets and information call (303) 893-4100 or visit


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