DENVER (CBS4) – “Aladdin” started out as a Disney animated movie in 1992. In 2011, it opened as a musical in 2011. It follows the journey of a young man who is granted three wishes by a Genie. He uses those wishes to whoo a Princess and save the day. “Disney’s Aladdin” runs April 7th through April 28th in the Buell Theatre at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

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 What’s really remarkable about the musical production of “Aladdin” is how it’s been transformed into a show for all ages.

“Everyone can come into the show and experience what it is to be taken on a journey of fantasy, and love, and exuberance, and big Broadway-style musical. All of that, I feel like, it’s not just for young. It’s for everyone,” said Michael James Scott, the actor who plays “Genie.”

“Disney’s Aladdin” (credit DCPA)

Of course, young kids will like it, but parents, grandparents and millennials respond to the show too. Many millennials grew up on “Aladdin”, and “Jasmine” was their Disney princess.

“Disney’s Aladdin” (credit DCPA)

“I was sitting on the edge of my seat like a little kid. It brought me back. And, I think, that’s what we’re all trying to do, lose ourselves in the theater, in movies, in music, and this show does it,” said Celina Nightengale, an ensemble cast member.

“Disney’s Aladdin” (credit DCPA)

Disney villains are always rich fun characters to play, and “Aladdin’s” “Jafar” is no different.

“What I love about ‘Jafar’ is a) his commitment to his cause, be it a wrong one, he doesn’t think it’s wrong. I also love being the guy, the antagonist, who comes in and ruins everyone’s good time,” said Jonathan Weir, the actor who plays “Jafar.”

“Disney’s Aladdin” (credit DCPA)

The part of the “Genie” is also bigger-than-life, making it a rare treat. Actor Robin Williams voiced the part in the animated movie, making it famous.

“All of the amazing ground work that legendary Robin Williams is all there, and the things that people expect, it’s all there. But the nice thing is that we get to bring Michael, sort of, into that, which is an actor’s dream,” Scott told CBS4.

“Disney’s Aladdin” (credit CBS)

“Aladdin” is visually rich, with bright costumes that are often bejeweled.

“The costumes are just part of the magic. When you see the show, you’re going to be blown away. They’re just as important as we are, “ Nightengale explained.

“Aladdin” has the power to carry you away on a magic carpet, no matter what age you are.


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