CBS4 and Denver Rescue Mission are joining forces to help Spread the Warmth this winter! As temperatures drop, food and shelter can be a lifeline for someone in need.

Just $10 provides safe shelter for one night and three warm meals for one of our homeless neighbors. Your support can spark the hope they need to make lasting change in their life.

  • $50 provides one night of safe shelter and three warm meals for five people in need.
  • $100 provides one night of safe shelter and three warm meals for 10 people in need.
  • $200 provides one night of safe shelter and three warm meals for 20 people in need.

Watch CBS4’s recent reporting about Spread the Warmth.

Read on below for other ways you can help us spread the warmth.

Donate Winter Items

When temperatures drop, people experiencing homelessness are at a great risk of life-threatening conditions such as hypothermia and frostbite. Your generous donations will help keep our homeless neighbors safe and warm. The Mission is in need of the following items:

• Coats
• Beanie hats
• Gloves
• Scarves
• Blankets
• Socks

Donations can be dropped off Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Mission’s Ministry Outreach Center located at 5725 E 39th Avenue, Denver.

Learn more at

Three Things to Give Our Homeless Neighbors Other Than Money

Did you know there are more helpful ways, other than money, that you can make an immediate impact for people experiencing homelessness?

1.) Acknowledgement
If you pass by someone in need every day on your commute, simply acknowledging their presence will make a difference. It’s common for commuters to drive by a person and look the other way. But a simple acknowledgment, like a smile or a wave, will remind them that someone sees them and that they matter.

2.) Info on Local Shelters
Keep a bottle of water or a granola bar handy and pass it out along with information on local shelters, such as Denver Rescue Mission’s Service Guide below.

3.) Socks
Some people living on the street have one pair of shoes and one pair of socks. Places, like the Lawrence Street Community Center, provides them with an opportunity to wash their clothes for free, but a pack of socks goes a long way for many people on the street especially during the cold winter months.

Know Your Local Homeless Resources

For 127 years, Denver Rescue Mission has been committed to helping people experiencing homelessness, poverty and addiction in our city change their lives. We meet these on-going and ever-changing needs through emergency services, rehabilitation, transitional programs, and community outreach.

The Service Guide below provides an at-a-glance overview of the Mission’s programs and services. Download it. Share it. Print it out and keep it handy when you encounter someone who may need our help.


Denver Human Services also compiles a comprehensive guide each year of local resources for people experiencing homelessness. Download the Denver Shelters & Services guide.