Weld County Judge Calls Ft. Lupton Officer Zach Helbig 'Damaged Goods Police Officer'A Weld County judge said Fort Lupton Police Officer Zachary Helbig "is too dangerous to other people in this community."
‘Oh No, This Can't Happen Again’: Man Has 2 Kias Stolen In 1 MonthThrough October, stolen car rates have risen 50.5% compared to the same time period in 2019. According to the City of Denver, crime statistics, stolen cars went from 4,248 in 2019 to 6,394 this year.
Denver Police Department Accepts Nearly All Recommendations In Independent Monitor Report About ProtestsDenver Police Chief Paul Pazen told reporters, "This was unprecedented, we needed every officer to prevent and reduce the level of violence we were seeing."
Glendale Officer's Social Media Post Called 'Insensitive.. Poor Taste'; Officer Chandler Phillips Under Investigation In Fatal ShootingGlendale police officer Chandler Phillips, under investigation for fatally shooting a car theft suspect in October, is being criticized by the dead suspect's mother and his own department
Students In Denver Public Schools Working With Administrators To Eradicate ‘Rape Culture’Some high schoolers in Denver Public Schools are starting to make progress in their campaign for drastic changes to the sex education curriculum. This, after they claim to have been sexually assaulted by fellow students, some even during school hours on school campus.
Denver Public Schools Changes Work-From-Home Accommodation Rules, Some Teachers Consider Leaving DistrictA policy change announced the Friday before Thanksgiving break has some teachers in Denver Public Schools considering taking a leave of absence.
Weld County DA Calls Cop 'A Danger To Community,' Refuses To Prosecute Cases From Officer Zach HelbigCBS4 has learned that Weld County District Attorney Michael Rourke is refusing to prosecute criminal cases involving a Fort Lupton police officer who shot and killed a man last year.
Internal Emails: Colorado Unemployment Resources Were 'Tapped Out' At Start Of PandemicIt has taken media inquiries for some unemployment claimants in Colorado to get their money. CBS4 Investigates obtained internal emails that illuminate some possible reasons why.
Family Of Olivia Gant Notifies Children's Hospital Colorado Of Intent To Sue For Up To $25MFamily members have notified the hospitals and other entities that treated the girl who died at age 7 they intend to sue for up to $25 million.
COVID In Colorado: Denver Health Expects First Vaccine Shipment Mid-DecemberDenver Health has told employees it is expecting to receive its first COVID-19 vaccine shipment in mid-December with its health care workers getting the shots first.
Denver Police Officer Matthew Graves Suspended For Derogatory Comments Toward Hispanics: ‘This Is America, We Speak English’Denver's Department of Public Safety has ordered veteran police officer to serve a 10 day, unpaid suspension for uttering disparaging comments toward Hispanics.
1980s Unemployment Tech 'Caused Hardship For Hundreds Of Thousands Of Coloradans' In 2020Internal emails obtained by CBS4 Investigates illuminate one major reason why the Colorado Department of Labor struggled in its pandemic response: technology from the 1980s.
Yes, Your Employer Can Require You To Get A COVID Vaccine, With Some ExceptionsA law professor with CU Boulder says refusing simply because one believes the vaccine to be unsafe will likely not be a sufficient reason for an exemption.
Denver Hospital Advises Staff On Dealing With Anti-Maskers: 'Set The Tone ... Keep Calm'Denver Health advised staff members on "How to manage Patient/Visitor Pushback Against Masking, Visitor Policies" with a half dozen talking points.
New Video Emerges of Deadly Glendale Police Shooting; 2 Officers Still Have Not Given StatementsNearly two weeks after Glendale police officers shot and killed John Pacheaco Jr., 36, two Glendale police officers have not provided statements to the Denver Police Department, which is leading the investigation.