By Robin Clutters

(CBS4)- The COVID vaccine is now available for children as young as six months old. On CBS News Colorado, we talked to Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida about what parents need to know.

Right now, both the Pfizer and Moderna shots are available. Dr. Dave says they are both equally as effective.

(credit: CBS)

“They’re both good vaccines, they’re effective vaccines, and they’re safe vaccines. It’s really a matter of what you are offered at your pediatrician’s office.”

A CDC survey found 33.5% of parents with children under 5 say they definitely will vaccinate their young children. 17.1% say they definitely will not be vaccinating their kids. Dr. Dave says getting the shot is important for both kids and everyone around them.

“A lot of folks may be asking just how necessary the shot is because kids may not get as sick from COVID. But the point is kids still do get sick and can still be hospitalized,” says Dr. Dave. “It’s also important to consider who your kids are around. Getting them the shot provides another layer of protection in the household for parents, grandparents, and the immunocompromised.”


Robin Clutters