By Jennifer McRae

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)– One truck owner in Douglas County is smart for locking the vehicle’s doors because it seems to have kept out a curious bear. Colorado Parks and Wildlife said that bears are looking for food this time of year.

(credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

In the video, the bear walks up to the truck, tries to open the door and finding it locked, wanders back into the forest.

“Please help us by reducing the opportunity. This may very well help eliminate the crime. Here are a few suggestions that may help minimize the risk,” said Sheriff Tony Spurlock, Douglas County Sheriff in a statement.

CPW offered advice for people who live in bear-prone areas:

• Always lock your car door and completely close your car windows. Don’t make it easier for a thief to enter your car.
• Remove valuables. Don’t make your car a more desirable target for thieves by leaving valuables in plain sight. Don’t think thieves are fooled by a jacket covering valuables, they know to look under those as well.
• When parked in front of your house or on your driveway, take the garage opener with you. The garage door opener is an easy way to gain entry to your garage.
• When out and about, park in well-lighted areas.
• Park in attended lots, thieves do not like potential witnesses.

CPW said the Town of Larkspur has received reports of three vehicles being broken into by bears so far this spring and other reports of bears entering garages.

(credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

“Bears have an extremely keen sense of smell and excellent memories, and once they have learned about a reliable source of food, they will often return,” said CPW Wildlife Officer Sean Dodd in a statement. “Anything that carries a scent should be removed from your car. That includes small items like lip gloss or sunscreen, or food scraps hiding under your seats that maybe your children dropped. Both of these cases have already led to bears breaking into cars this spring in Larkspur.”

Jennifer McRae