By Jennifer McRae

(CBS4)– Following last year’s record-setting rafting season, Colorado is on track for another one. According to the Colorado River Outfitters Association, last week’s late-season snow combined with cooler temperatures and additional storms in the forecast are contributing to conditions that could benefit the rafting season.

(credit: Getty Images)

In 2021, there were record-breaking visitor numbers for river rafting. This year, the Colorado River Outfitters Association is predicting a return to a “normal” rafting season with demand and water flows. This season is predicted to run through the late summer on most rivers throughout Colorado.

“We predict that river flows this summer will be perfect for families to get out and discover a new favorite adventure together,” said David Costlow, Colorado River Outfitters Association’s Executive Director, in a statement.

Based on current conditions, CROA forecasts the following outlook for rivers across the state:

Western Slope (Taylor & Animas): Lower water levels may hit earlier than normal, but outfitters are expecting great family runs through mid-August and perhaps later.

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Colorado River: Flows are currently slightly lower than normal near Kremmling due to early season water being held in the reservoirs. The river near Glenwood Springs is currently seeing higher flows due to contributions from the Eagle River and Roaring Fork. When the reservoir water is released later in June, levels will come up and runs will last through September.

Clear Creek: Clear Creek is currently running strong and anticipated to run through the end of July and perhaps into early August if weekly moisture continues.

Poudre: Benefitting from great late-season moisture, the Poudre River will likely provide strong runs through August.

Arkansas River: The Arkansas’ Volunteer Flow Management program should ensure water for recreation through mid-August.

Jennifer McRae