By Spencer Wilson

BLUE RIVER, Colo. (CBS4) – Gary Weessies intended to go hiking and spend some time tromping through a warm spring-time mountain scene near Blue River on May 20. When he saw the forecast for inches of snow over the weekend, he changed course.

“Early morning we went to the grocery store, so we hunkered down all day,” Weessies laughed while his golden retriever, Cozmo, sat patiently nearby.

(credit: CBS)

Blue River, located just south of Breckenridge, received 17 inches of snowfall from the last storm system. It wasn’t the largest total in the state, but still substantial and still enough to snow a few people into their homes.

Natalie Munson said when the snow started to fall, it didn’t seem like it would be all that much. But, when it refused to stop snowing for hours and hours, the Blue River resident said she started to accept they weren’t going to be able to leave their steep and twisting driveway anytime soon.

“There was no getting out or getting in,” Munson explained.

(credit: CBS)

Still, the snow totals and the inconveniences it brought to the mountain community was largely overshadowed by the magic atmosphere it brought with it, and the much needed water content for a parched area of land surrounded by kindling for potential wildfires.

Munson said the snow even brought out two bear cubs they were able to watch from inside their home.

“It was exciting for everyone and short lived, but perfect amount of snow,” Munson said, as the snow melted around her.

Spencer Wilson