By Jesse Sarles

(CBS4) – If you’re heading into Denver on Saturday for an event, be warned that there could be heavy traffic and backups. That’s because there’s a Rockies game at Coors Field, a country music concert at Empower Field at Mile High and a Mammoth playoff game at Ball Arena.

Denver police warned that drivers should give themselves extra time to get to their destinations.

“Those traveling around Coors Field, Empower Field at Mile High and Ball Arena area are encouraged to scout potential parking options, plan their routes and means of travel beforehand while allowing for plenty of extra time to arrive at their destination,” DPD wrote in a news release.

Police also encouraged people to use mass transit, carpool or use bikes to get where they’re going to avoid hassles. They also warned people taking ride shares to “enter and exit vehicles in safe areas and away from traffic.”

Luke Combs will be performing at Mile High, and the show is set despite cold temperatures that will be in the 30s. Stadium officials tweeted about the concert on Friday afternoon with a picture of Combs and a similar traffic message. “It is highly advised & encouraged that those attending should plan accordingly and provide ample time in arrival to Empower Field,” they wrote.

Jesse Sarles