By Karen Morfitt

(CBS4) – The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office issued a warrant for Robin Niceta, the partner of former Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson. Niceta is facing a felony charge of retaliation against an elected official. She is accused of making a false claim of child sexual abuse against City Councilwoman Danielle Jurinsky.

“You involve my child, and it brings me to my knees, it becomes a different kind of fight,” Jurinsky told the media at a press conference Monday afternoon.

The allegation was made by an anonymous caller the day after Jurinsky went on the Steffan Tubbs radio show in January speaking out against then-Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson.

“Chief Vanessa Wilson is trash,” Jurinsky said during the broadcast.

“I knew that it was someone in retaliation of my feelings and opinions of Chief Vanessa Wilson, to know that it was this closely associated was a shock,” Jurinsky said.

After a two-week investigation, the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office did not find probable cause to believe the accusations were factual but did, however, find probable cause to charge Niceta.

Robin Niceta

Robin Niceta (credit: Arapahoe County)

According to an arrest affidavit, while the call was made anonymously, investigators determined it came from Niceta’s cellphone, leading them to search her work laptop as well, which showed searches were made for Jurinsky’s address, the child abuse and neglect reporting hotline and whether or not they keep phone numbers in Colorado.

“If Chief Wilson knew anything about this, if she knew that these false allegations were made against me — she was still the chief of police at that time — if she did not report that and she knew about it, I want her prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as well,” Jurinsky said.

She says what happened was nothing short of a nightmare, for herself and her family and she plans to see the case through to the end.

“I’ve never met this woman. I’ve never spoken to her, but … I would say this to her: ‘I cannot wait to see her in court,'” she said.

In a statement, Niceta’s attorney says, “We trust the judicial system to give Ms. Niceta her day in court and we will leave politics to the politicians.”

Wilson’s attorney also released a statement late Monday night saying “Chief Wilson had no involvement in any of the events described in the affidavit. She is confident that the justice system will deal with those issues as required by law.”

Karen Morfitt