DENVER (CBS4) – After a slow start to the thunderstorm season in Colorado the radar turned active on Monday thanks an increase in moisture near the surface. Scattered storms on the eastern plains even prompted a few severe thunderstorm warnings late in the day.

A landspout tornado touched down near Illif on May 16. (credit: Dakota McGee)

One storm in Logan County produced Colorado’s first tornado of 2022 around 6:20 p.m., about 5 to 7 miles southeast of Iliff. Storm chaser Dakota McGee said the landspout tornado was on the ground for about 8 minutes.

The picture above is a great example of how sometimes a tornado does not have a fully condensed funnel. You can see the funnel in the cloud and the circulation on the ground, but nothing in between. This is very common in the beginning stages of a tornado, or with a weak tornado, especially in a dry climate like on the plains of eastern Colorado.

Landspout tornadoes are spawned from non-supercell thunderstorms. They are typically weak and short-lived but can be very photogenic, like the one near Platteville last summer. Regardless of the type, any tornado should be taken seriously and monitored closely if you are nearby.

Chris Spears