By Libby Smith

DENVER (CBS4) – A bill that was supposed to cap rent increases on mobile home park residents passed the Colorado State Senate, but lawmakers struck out the provision that actually limited rent increases.

HB22-1287 would have implemented Colorado’s first statewide regulation of rent prices. For mobile home residents, rent would have only increased at the rate of inflation or three percent per year, whichever is higher.

(credit: CBS)

Mobile home residents, seniors in particular, said the bill would be a huge help amid rising prices.

“For myself, my rent has gone up in 4 years, $160. It goes up every year plus we have the water, sewer, garbage,” said Bonnie Sellers, a mobile home resident and Federal Heights City Councilwoman.

Opponents said the measure would limit affordable housing.

“Developers and property owners are then restricted on how much they can raise their rent, which doesn’t allow them to plan for the future, whether it be infrastructure improvements or capital improvements, adding new amenities or expanding their properties,” said Tawny Peyton, Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Home Association.

(credit: CBS)

In addition to the rent cap provision, HB22-1287 includes:

–a requirement that landlords attend up to 2 public meetings a year.
–a clarification that landlords are responsible for the cost of repairing any damage resulting from poor maintenance.
–outlines the obligation of landlords to notify homeowners if the park is to be sold.

And other provisions that would amend the “Mobile Home Park Act” and the “Mobile Home Park Act Dispute Resolution and Enforcement Program.”

The amended bill will return to the House floor on Monday.

Libby Smith