By Jennifer McRae

LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS4)– An injured mountain lion spent some time hanging out on a porch of a home in Loveland on Thursday morning. Lindsey Brown took some pictures of the juvenile cat after she spotted it.

(credit: Lindsey Brown)

She said it seemed to be limping and may have been hurt so she called Colorado Parks and Wildlife. The mountain lion sprinted away after she thought it had gone and opened the door to get a closer look.

Wildlife officers did not respond to that incident.

(credit: Lindsey Brown)

Another call came in later Thursday morning about a sighting of a mountain lion that was watching a dog. The dog’s owner was able to call the dog inside and the lion left. It is unclear whether that lion was an adult or juvenile but the caller said it looked injured.

There was another reported sighting of a mountain lion in the area last week. CPW believes that if the lion sprinted away, that its injuries must not be too serious.

CPW said it is not unheard of for mountain lions to be in that area of Loveland. According to CPW, “we advise people to protect their livestock and pets, and teach children what to do if they were to encounter a mountain lion.”

LINK: Colorado Parks and Wildlife: Living With Lions

Jennifer McRae