By Rachel Smith

HOLLY, Colo. (CBS4)– A family lost their home and nearly everything they owned to a wildfire. The fire was one of five sparked near the town of Holly on Sunday night amid a tornado warning, high winds and frequent lightning.

(credit: KKTV)

The town was put on pre-evacuation notice, and many lost power for part of the night. The Holly Fire Department says that at least two of the fires were started by lightning. Marge Koenig Campbell and Ed Hollandsworth lost their home of nearly 20 years, and two of their cats and many irreplaceable belongings.

“All of our family home videos, all of our baby pictures, ashes of loved ones that were in the home.”

The CBS affiliate in Colorado Springs spoke to Campbell’s daughter, Rhiannon Whited.

“It’s my childhood home, and the fire came in. It came in really fast. It had been heading in a different direction and the wind shifted. Their house is completely gone.”

Whited says her stepfather, Hollandsworth, tried everything he could to save their home — barely escaping ahead of the fire.

(credit: Campbell Family)

“My stepdad Ed thought that he could maybe get the tractor and dig a ditch to keep the fire from getting up next to the house.”

Hollandsworth lost the keys to his truck amid the chaos and had to be rescued by a neighbor.

“The fire was right up to the house. It was lucky that she showed up and he was able to get into the vehicle and leave,” Whited said.

Whited has started a fundraiser to help her mother and stepfather with their immediate needs. So far that online page has raised more than $14,000.

Campbell and Hollandsworth have lived in Holly for 30 years and they have strong ties to the community.

Along with being a county coroner, Campbell also works as an EMT for Holly Volunteer Ambulance. She and Hollandsworth also worked for a transport ambulance for years that brought patients from their community to larger hospitals.

Now Whited says her mom and step-dad need someone to help them.

(credit: Campbell Family)

“At the drop of a hat, they ran out of their house to help whoever it was who needed it. The way the universe works. Now they are the ones that need it.”

Multiple agencies responded to Sunday night’s fires, which burned thousands of acres. Many farmers and ranchers pitched in to help contain the flames and move livestock out of harm’s way.