By Jack Lowenstein

(CBS4) — After almost two weeks of waiting for repairs to be completed, Denver Water told CBS4 Wednesday contractors have finished roadwork in Denver’s Berkeley neighborhood after a water main break caused flooding near homes at the end of April.

(credit: Michael Abeyta/CBS)

According to Denver Water, the area of 45th Avenue and Perry Street is clear, and all traffic control devices were removed from residential side streets affected.

(credit: CBS)

On April 24, there were 47 customers without water, but that was restored by the next evening. At least 52 residents in the area were impacted, stretching across roughly eight blocks. Flooding affected homeowners immediately in the area of the water main break, but it went down within 24 hours of the initial break. It was the repairs to the 24-inch line that broke and the road that delayed bringing the neighborhood back to normal.

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The cause of the break remains undetermined, but Denver Water previously told CBS4 the line was quite old and seemed like it could have been installed in the 1920s.

Denver Water and contractors will maintain a presence in the area for continued restoration and cleanup efforts.


Jack Lowenstein