By Dillon Thomas

UPDATE: Residential Streets Return To Normal After Water Main Break In Denver Berkeley Neighborhood

DENVER (CBS)– The Berkeley Neighborhood continues to see construction and detours along Perry Street between 46th and 47th following last week’s waterline break. Construction crews are still attempting to rebuild damaged roadways, sidewalks and landscaping after water filled the area last week.

(credit: CBS)

Residents in the neighborhood are allowed to drive along the roadway while crews are working. However, they are not allowed to park along Perry unless on the weekend, until further notice.

“It was a shock. I have never seen anything like it,” said Miguel Marquez, a resident along Perry.

Marquez was one of many who woke up last week to find a river of water moving through the roadway and their yards. He was fortunate that his home did not experience significant water damage inside like some of his neighbors.

“It was a lot of water, and it was starting to rise,” Marquez recalled. “It was definitely unexpected and an experience that will stick with you forever.”

(credit: Michael Abeyta/CBS)

Denver Water said collapsed conduit from the 1920s caused the road to collapse, breaking water pipes below.

As crews cleared the flooded street and restored water to homes, a significant amount of sand was left behind. The Marquez’s front yard was filled with sand.

“The water brought it all in. My brother was on it playing like he was on the beach when the water went away,” Marquez told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas.

Denver Water claimed repairs in the area were delayed due to rainstorms. The agency said they would post on Twitter when the roadway was reopened to regular traffic and parking.

(credit: CBS)

“It is what it is. You just have to deal with it,” Marquez said. “As long as there is progress to not allow it to happen again, and fix what happened, it is uplifting. But those little walks are inconvenient. But it is part of the process.”

Dillon Thomas