By Jesse Sarles

(CBS4) – City leaders in Aurora are providing a clearer picture of how they are going to enforce their new urban camping ban. The ordinance went into effect over the weekend and requires a 72 hour notice before a camp is cleared.

The city itself is not a direct provider for people experiencing homelessness. It funds outside organizations such as the Aurora Day Resource Center to take care of that.

On Monday night at an Aurora City Council meeting a discussion centered around how that resource center might be converted into a 24/7 shelter for people who are in violation of the new city rule and given abatement notices. Architects have already started work on a redesign of the facility.

(credit: CBS)

City officials say they already have numerous beds at shelters set aside for people whose camps are cleared out. They are also looking into using motel vouchers for the same purpose.

City leaders said they have seen an uptick in the number of complaints about homeless encampments recently. The latest figures show approximately 600 people are currently homeless within the Aurora city limits.

A presentation is planned for next week about possibly hiring more abatement services.

Jesse Sarles