By Logan Smith

MESA COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) — A family of three from New York became stranded in their truck while crossing Escalante Creek late Thursday, the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office reported.

The family members were able to escape the vehicle before rising waters submerged the pickup, MCSO stated in a press release.

(credit: Mesa County Sheriff’s Office)

The truck was swept from the roadway as family members stood on the banks of the creek. Two family members were stuck on the far side, but brought safely across by swift-water personnel from Mesa County Search and Rescue.

(credit: Mesa County Sheriff’s Office)

The quickly moving water was between four and five feet deep when rescue crews arrived at the scene, MCSO stated.

(credit: Mesa County Sheriff’s Office)

“It’s important to remember with spring runoff, water levels will increase with the heat of the day, typically peaking after nightfall, especially in smaller waterways,” MCSO advised in its press release. “It is NEVER safe to drive or walk across a body of fast-moving water.”


Logan Smith