By Jesse Sarles

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A controversial urban camping ban in the City of Aurora takes effect this weekend. However, city officials say it’s unlikely that there will be any abatement notices given out this weekend.

A city representative told CBS4 that although the camping ban does technically go into effect on Saturday, they don’t intend to give out any abatement notices until the details are ironed out at a meeting on Monday.

The city sent a statement about the camping ban on Wednesday:

“While the effective date of the ordinance is April 30, those policies are still in development, so the city will continue to use its existing policy on camp abatement until new policies are in place…”

“As such, the city is not anticipating widespread issuance of notices or abatements to occur on April 30.”

Monday’s meeting is a study session meeting where members of the Aurora City Council will discuss a new updated policy for abatements, mainly to make sure there’s enough shelter space to take people in and places to store their belongings.

The city’s new ban requires a 72 hour notice before a camp is cleared, and the city must offer those people an alternative shelter. While there are no fines for being in an illegal encampment, people can be arrested if they refuse to move during a sweep.

Another separate issue is the location of some of these homeless encampments — like parts of Interstate 225 — that are under CDOT’s jurisdiction, not the City of Aurora. Mayor Mike Coffman says that’s something he’s looking into and has had a conversation with Gov. Jared Polis about.

Jesse Sarles