DENVER (CBS4) – A baseball field at John F. Kennedy High School in Denver continues to be unfit for players even after the school received millions of dollars in legacy grants. The school was the recipient of the grant from Major League Baseball and the Colorado Rockies in the summer of 2021.

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CBS4 previously covered the ribbon cutting and excitement leading up to the ceremony.

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The $5 million grant was meant to help renovate the field which was previously condemned. The team had been playing their games at parks or other schools because the field at JFK was deemed too dangerous.

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Now, CBS4 has learned the field is still not suitable or safe for players. It was supposed to be renovated a few months ago.

On Wednesday, the district said there was a lot of confusion about when this field would be finished and the amount of work it would take. This type of job normally takes 11 to 14 weeks to complete, but because of the All-Game it was rushed and pushed to five.

The district says they hired a credible contractor to do the work, but for some reason it wasn’t finished. The district says they’re trying to determine what went wrong, and they want to focus more on getting this field up and running rather than the issues that took place here.

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