By Jack Lowenstein

BROOMFIELD, Colo. (CBS4)State Rep. Matt Gray (Colo-D) , 41, was arrested in on DUI charges Thursday evening after he was pulled over by a Broomfield police officer. Gray tweeted he was not under the influence at the time of his arrest. But that tweet was deleted shortly after it was posted.

(credit: Broomfield Police)

According to Broomfield Police Department, Gray was stopped in the 13000 block of Broadlands Drive, where the responding officer found probable cause to arrest him for DUI.

There was no further information shared about the nature of the traffic stop shared with CBS4 by BPD — including whether a field sobriety test was performed. Gray was booked into Broomfield Detention Center and was later released.

Gray represents Colorado Congressional District 33, which covers parts of Broomfield and Boulder counties. He posted a response to his arrest on his Twitter page. Gray claims he was not intoxicated at the time of his arrest, and says it was related to personal mental health issues.

In a now deleted Tweet, Gray shared on his account, “As many of you know, yesterday I was arrested on suspicion of DUI. I was not intoxicated, but my symptoms of anxiety and depression are such that too many people are worried when they’re around me. I’m going to increase my level of therapy and appreciate all the support.”

Statement from Republican Minority Leader Rep. Hugh McKean, “We may debate policy and argue fiscal issues — but all lawmakers, despite our party affiliation, are Coloradans and we care for our state and for each other as people,” said Republican Minority Leader Hugh McKean. “I, and the Republican Caucus are concerned about the early reports involving Rep. Matt Gray’s arrest but we support the Speaker’s plan to address the matter. We will continue to pray for Rep. Gray and his family.”

Jack Lowenstein