By Libby Smith

NORTHGLENN, Colo. (CBS4) – Raise the Future is an organization of experts in finding support systems for teens in foster care, and helping those families thrive. Case managers use an intensive recruiting model to bring caring adults alongside those youths; the network may include family, friends, or even coaches or teachers.

(credit Caitlin & Sophia)

“Sophia was in my class in 5th grade,” said Caitlin, a single-adoptive mom.

When Caitlin heard that Sophia needed a home, she stepped right up.

“I just wanted her to have a place where she can be a part of a family,” Caitlin explained.

That was exactly what Sophia needed. At 10-years-old, she hadn’t experienced a stable home.

“I was really scared, and I didn’t know how they were going to treat me, but it seemed really good,” Sophia said.

(credit Caitlin & Sophia)

It was good. Sophia got the love and stability of not only Caitlin, but her parents too.

“They feed me. They make sure I’m safe, make sure I sleep every night, make sure I eat every day, and they just care about me,” Sophia told CBS4.

When a child can rely on food every day, and a bed to sleep in, they can open themselves up to the rest of what life has to offer.

“Before I would flinch a lot because I was abused, and I don’t flinch as much,” Sophia said.

(credit CBS)

The now 14-year-old didn’t flinch once while she played arcade games with her mom at Boondocks Fun & Food in Northglenn. Boondocks is a long-time supporter of Raised the Future, and agreed to host Caitlin & Sophia for the CBS4 profile shoot.

“Even four years ago, it’s just amazing how much bigger and older and more of her own person she is now,” Caitlin says of the growth she’s seen in Sophia.

Caitlin too classes are Raise the Future in Trust Based Relational Interventions in order to better help Sophia heal from her trauma.

“It really helped me be more aware of how she’s thinking and how she’s processing, and how I can react differently to help her have a better direction forward,” she said of the classes.

(credit Caitlin & Sophia)

“Mostly that makes me really happy to know that I can always rely on someone,” Sophia added.

“I love this every day, and just love being a family with Sophia, and have so many great moments together,” Caitlin said.

LINK: For More Information on A Day for Wednesday’s Child

You can help Raise the Future create more families like this by calling 303-755-3975 to make a donation or get more information. You can also give by texting “2022 DWC” to 71777.

Libby Smith