By Justin Adams

(CBS4) — Colorado Department of Education plans to discuss the addition of more diverse perspectives to the state curriculum.

(credit: iStock/Getty Images)

The public feedback on the recommendations for the revised social studies standards will be presented to the State Board of Education. One of the decisions were not to add LGBTQ references to the state curriculum for 4th grade and below.

The curriculum currently does not require LGBTQ references. The social studies committee recommended adding in their initial recommendations presented last November. The public had a chance to respond by Feb. 1. Based on the general themes in the public feedback, the committee decided to remove their recommendation.

The State Board of Education still must make its final decision. The meeting is to present public feedback to the board and discuss any potential changes.

The final recommendations will be presented to the State Board of Education in May, and then, they will decide.

The is just one of the many decisions the state must make regarding the social studies curriculum. There are also recommendations to adjust the standards for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Media Literacy, and Financial Literacy.

Justin Adams