By Libby Smith

CENNTENIAL, Colo. (CBS4) – Thomas, Jeanette, Isaiah, and Yara are on the hunt for a new couch. Jake Jabs and American Furniture Warehouse are happy to help out.

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“We want to give you a $1,000 gift card,” Jabs tells the family.

AFW and Jabs are huge supporters of A Day for Wednesday’s Child, and adoption out of foster care.

“I think it gives them a purpose. I think they want to do better too because a family is supporting them,” Jabs said.

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Thomas and Jeanette consider a couple of different options, but 9-year-old Yara has her own plans.

“Hey Mom, can we get this one and the pink one?” she asks.

She’s in love with a pink couch set at the front of the store.

“Because I can put my kitty on it, and it’s soft,” she explains.

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Yara was first on CBS4 when she was having tea with Princess Aurora at the Brown Palace. As a Wednesday’s Child, she didn’t have much to say at the time. Now she’s talking a lot about her new family.

“Because you need someone by your side, when you’re kind of sad or something, and you have no one if you don’t have a family,” Yara said.

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Yara’s new brother spent 6-years in foster care. Isaiah was adopted in 2020.

“I cried because I never had like an actual family to care for me,” he told CBS4.

Thomas and Jeanette were drawn to Isaiah and Yara when they saw them on the Colorado Heart Gallery, a website dedicated to children in foster care who are eligible for adoption and maintained by Raise the Future.

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“It’s funny because Isaiah has a lot of Jeanette’s qualities and Yara has mine,” Thomas said.

“It’s really cool because we know that we’ve given them a better life,” Jeanette said. “I’ll be honest, in the scheme of things, they have blessed us as much, if not more than we’ve blessed them.”

It was adoption and the love of a family that brought this princess out of her shell.

“At the time it was scary but happy. Because I was like, ‘Ummm, do I really know about this? Do I trust them or do I not?’ But I trust them,” Yara said.

LINK: For More Information About A Day for Wednesday’s Child

You can help Raise the Future create more families like this by calling 303-755-3975 to make a donation or get more information. You can also give by texting “2022 DWC” to 71777.

Libby Smith