By Ben Warwick

DENVER (CBS4) – Kris Bryant is no stranger to success. He singlehandedly has seen more postseason success than the entire Rockies roster combined.

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He’s 30 years old and has already won a Rookie of the Year Award, an MVP Trophy, and a World Series ring. He’s been to four All-Star games, and he’s made the playoffs in six of the seven years he’s been in the league.

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“It feels pretty special,” Bryant told reporters after winning it all with the Cubs.

He played on a Giants team that won 107 games in 2021. That team eventually won the NL West crown in a race that came down to the last week of the season, dethroning the Los Angeles Dodgers who had won eight straight previously. Many are calling that race one of the best division races of all time.

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So what drew Bryant to Denver?

“Colorado is obviously a great place to raise a family, and it’s a little closer to home which is obviously a plus,” Bryant told CBS4’s Michael Spencer. “I just feel like every time in my career I’ve played the Rockies, there’s the velocity and the pitching staff is incredible. It’s a challenge for me and I’m built for challenges.”

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The Rockies won 74 games in 2021. They were not a factor in the playoff race.

Yet he sees a very familiar spark in this team.

“You look here, there’s a lot of young guys that have unbelievable talent,” Bryant said. “I definitely think this team has a little bit better pitching. There’s a lot of talent here that people don’t talk about and sometimes that’s a pretty fun place to be.”

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Bryant says he’s keeping a cool head when it comes to the pressure behind a mega deal like his.

“For me, it’s just showing up and trying to be the same dude every day,” Bryant said. “Don’t let the good or the bad really affect you. Just go out there. One of the best things I heard so far from Bill Schmitt is go out there and be a good teammate. Nothing about how much money you’re making or any of that, just go out and be a good teammate, be a good person, and things will take care of itself.”

Ben Warwick