By Jesse Sarles

(CBS4) – Fans are out in full force in Denver’s LoDo neighborhood for the Colorado Rockies opening weekend, and new businesses there are taking every opportunity to gain new customers.

“I think it’s going to be a big event for us to get our name out there,” said Stephanie Fowler, manager of El Tejano. “We’re a new business, we took over a really iconic place and (we’re) just putting our name on the map.”

The Denver bar opened in the middle of the pandemic. It’s surrounded by established popular hangouts in LoDo on Market Street.

It’s never been hard to find great views and nice bars to attend around Coors Field in LoDo, but for El Tejano the thing that is possibly most appealing to patrons lately is security.

“We hope to bring the fun back to downtown, and for people to feel safe while they’re down here,” Fowler said. “I know that it hasn’t always felt that way.”

El Tejano recently doubled their security presence, which included hiring off-duty officers from the Denver Police Department.

Jesse Sarles