ARVADA, Colo. (CBS4) — July 11, 2020, is a night the Denver band ‘Nightwolf’ will always remember. They were playing at Jake’s Roadhouse in Arvada when rival motorcycle gangs got in a deadly dispute. The band members were taking a break when they heard popping noises outside.

“Our singer Ryan went out to have a cigarette,” said Nightwolf founder and lead guitarist Jay Halpern.

Jay Halpern (credit: CBS)

“He noticed somebody had been shot and had fallen over on his motorcycle and he went over there to help him.”

Ryan McPherson (credit: CBS)

He says says the singer, Ryan McPherson, was either hit with motorcycle helmet or shot because his skull was fractured. Police say he was also run over by a motorcycle.

William Kelly Henderson, a member of one of the gangs was killed during the melee. Several others were injured.

“We knew it was going to be a big thing because these guys were driving around shooting each other on a public street.”

“We were more worried about Ryan,” Halpern told CBS4.

Halpern said McPherson was in a coma for a long time afterward, but came out of it and is playing music again, although not with the band. And a year and a half later, the Nightwolf band is still playing Jake’s.

Now, following an extensive investigation, 10 members of a notorious motorcycle club have been arrested.

(credit: CBS)

Arvada Police headed the investigation with assistance from federal and local law enforcement organizations across the country. The arrests took place in four states.

Rick Sallinger