CHAFFEE COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) — Newly released court documents show text messages from Suzanne Morphew to a friend, before she disappeared — and was never seen again. Her husband, Barry Morphew, is has been charged with her murder.

Barry and Suzanne Morphew

(credit: Morphew family)

Newly-released exhibits show pages of text messages between Suzanne and a friend.

“He’s too good at the manipulation. I feel stuck,” Suzanne wrote.

Read more here in the full exhibits. There were three different sets of exhibits released Friday which can be found here:

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Suzanne Morphew disappeared after leaving her home for a bike ride on Mother’s Day 2020. Her body has never been found and what happened remains a mystery.

(credit: CBS)

Family members said Barry Morphew was out of town in Denver when she disappeared.

Last year, Barry Morphew told CBS4’s Jamie Leary that he believes she was abducted.

(credit: Morphew family)

Barry Morphew is charged with first-degree murder, tampering with a corpse, possession of a deadly weapon and attempting to influence a public servant. He is represented by the Eytan Neilson firm.

The main investigator in the case was reassigned and then resigned during an internal affairs investigation. The district attorney is no longer the lead prosecutor and the deputy district attorney resigned and the judge recused himself due to a conflict of interest.

The murder trial has been scheduled to begin May 3.