By Michael Abeyta

DENVER, (CBS4)- At the James Reed Memorial Gym in Denver, the Denver Police Brotherhood Boxing program teaches young people how to box, as well as life skills.

“We teach them the basics of boxing and at the same time just self-respect,” said Coach Steve Kniffin.

(credit: CBS)

Program Director CC Edwards added, “Commitment. Commitment in this program but also commitment in respect for others in jobs and we also try to help them get jobs when they are old enough.”

It’s a program the crooks who ripped them off earlier this week could have benefitted from. On either Monday night or Tuesday morning, the thieves took one of the program’s trailers which was full of equipment.

Edwards described what he saw on tape: “Either a Durango or a Chevy Tahoe backing up. It gets the front part of the trailer hooking it up and then driving through the alley,” he said.

(credit: CBS)

Inside the trailer was everything the brotherhood needed to put on amateur boxing matches including a full-size portable boxing ring, the bell, judges’ chairs, medical equipment, uniforms, and boxing gloves.

The thing is, they didn’t use all that stuff for themselves.

Edwards says, “The ring was used by Colorado amateur programs free of charge. Whenever they were putting on a show, and they couldn’t afford to rent a ring, that one was supplied to all and any amateur boxing show that made contact with this organization.”

(credit: CBS)

That means those programs won’t be able to hold fundraisers for themselves and the many shows that were planned statewide have to be canceled.

Coach Kniffin says the crooks have no idea who hurt.

“I don’t know if anybody thought about who they were robbing, but they robbed the boxing community. They robbed the boxing community and the kids. They didn’t knock off a police gym. They took it from the state,” he said.

If you have seen any of their gear, their trailer or know anything about the crime you are asked to call the Denver Police Department.

Michael Abeyta