By Rick Sallinger

DENVER (CBS4)– A murder case drawing national and international attention is due to be tried in Denver despite the incident happening thousands of miles away. Dr. Larry Rudolph, who lives in Arizona and has a dentistry practice in the Pittsburgh area, is an avid hunter.

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It was while on a safari 5 years ago his wife in Zambia in Africa that his wife Bianca died from a shotgun blast. Now federal prosecutors in Denver have charged him with murder and mail fraud.

Larry Pozner, a prominent Denver defense attorney not connected with the case, looked at the arrest affidavit and believes the government’s side is not strong.

“This is a case of very weak circumstantial evidence and I would not be surprised if there’s an acquittal,” he said.

(credit: CBS)

That evidence is spelled out in a 21-page court affidavit. It cites insurance payments totaling $4.8 million that Rudolph received in part through Denver company addresses.

It also claims that Rudolph was having an affair with an employee of his Pittsburgh-area dentistry. It states he traveled with her to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico following his wife’s death. The court document states investigators do not believe the gun went off accidentally.

Pozner told CBS4, “Just how far is the gun muzzle from the deceased? This is not a precise objective thing, this is a subjective judgment.”

Rudolph’s attorney, David Oscar Markus, issued a statement, “The government is seeking to manufacture a case against this well-respected and law-abiding dentist.”

(credit: CBS)

Far from Africa where this incident occurred, a Colorado jury may decide Rudolph’s innocence or guilt. He is due to stand trial in February, but that may be delayed.

Rick Sallinger