WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. (CBS4) – While the roads may have looked like they were easy to drive on Wednesday night in the Denver metro area, the reality for drivers was much different.

(credit: CBS)

“With snow at least you have a little bit of control. With this ice it’s just like you have no control whatsoever,” Walker Bash told CBS4.

Bash was stopped on Bowles Avenue near Union Street in Littleton when another driver rear ended his vehicle, sending him into the median.

Less than a block away he watched as another car went crashing into a stop sign.

“Awful, absolutely awful. They are really slick just everyone been kind of having problems,” Bash said about the road conditions.

(credit: CBS)

Wheat Ridge Police Sgt. Daniel Whittle can attest the number of people having problems, he says it started with the morning commute.

“People make their way to work and you’re going to get a lot of accidents,” he said.

Wheat Ridge was just one of several cities in the metro area to go on accident alert and stay that way for most of the day.

“On some of the accident scenes we went to it was unsafe to walk around the scene. Even firefighters and police officers were having to shuffle their feet to make sure they don’t slip,” Sgt. Whittle said.

(credit: CBS)

Staying safe, he says, isn’t always about the car you’re in.

“A lot of driving safety comes down to the driver themselves,” Sgt. Whittle said.

Karen Morfitt