By Robin Clutters

(CBS4)- New Year’s Resolutions can be easy to set but keeping them usually proves to be a challenge. According to a CBS News poll, 29% of Americans made at least one resolution this year.

Certified Health Coach Erica Ballard has a few tips to help you keep your resolutions this year.

“Most people rely on willpower to reach their goals. But we know willpower is finite. So, we want to be using these tried-and-true systems, tactics and tools to enable us to sustainably go after our goals.”

Ballard’s first tip in keeping your resolutions is to make sure to rest.

“It might seem counterintuitive, but if you’re feeling tired or you’re feeling pain, that’s your body’s signal that you need rest. It’s important to pay attention to this, particularly when it comes to pain, because pain is the body’s way of saying something’s wrong and you need to do something differently. If we don’t rest, we can never heal that pain, nor can we make the space necessary to understand what we need to do differently.”

The second tip is to make sure you are paying attention to your emotions.

“We live in a culture that says when you have a negative emotion, you should push it to the side. The reality is when a feeling comes up, you want to feel into it so you can see the negative thought associated with it. It’s only when you’ve seen that negative thought you can start to understand how to reprogram your brain and achieve your goals.”

Ballard’s third tip is to make sure to re-evaluate your goals at the end of the month.

“At the end of the month, step back and say, ‘are these really the goals I want for myself?’ If they are, you can continue, but if they aren’t, you want to adjust your goals so you can move forward without feeling like a failure.”

Ballard recommends looking over your goals every month to reassess, readjust, and reconsider.

Robin Clutters