By Anica Padilla

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) — A large tent that was being used as a relief station for victims of the massive Marshall Fire in Boulder County was burglarized a vandalized, organizers say. The donations were being collected and distributed by the Blackbelly restaurant in Boulder.

(credit: Blackbelly)

“We came to our fire relief tent this morning to continue operating a safe zone for families impacted by the wildfires, filling up on supplies, clothing, food, and community love,” restaurant officials stated on Facebook on Monday. “…the tent was found cut open in multiple spots and completely ransacked and trashed inside.”

(credit: Blackbelly)

Organizers were collecting and distributing everything from clothing and winter boots to hygiene products and pet food and children’s toys.

(credit: Blackbelly)

“When I showed up on Monday morning, I was told there was a mess in the tent.  After looking around, I realized that someone had cut a hole in the back wall, completely ransacked the tables and displays, and made off with a number of items,” Chef/Owner Hosea Rosenberg told CBS4.

“I was clearly upset. The most upsetting part of all is that this tent is set up to give away food, clothing and supplies for those in need.”

(credit: Blackbelly)

“…this is a violation against the whole community,” officials wrote. “We are disgusted.”

Blackbelly is one of multiple restaurants that stepped up to offer free meals to first responders and victims of the fire that destroyed more than 1,000 homes in Boulder County in the last days of December.

Officials said their location on the east side of Boulder has been plagued with criminal incidents in the past, but this was especially hurtful.

“No matter what good we try to set out into the universe… vandalism, theft, and violating acts to our property just continue here in east Boulder,” officials stated. “Too many crimes and damage to list, but this, the most disgraceful of all happened…”

Officials said they are “putting the pieces back together and restoring its positive energy.”

The 900 square-foot tent was set up outside the restaurant for additional dining space during COVID dining protocols, but was converted to help victims of the Marshall Fire.

(credit: Blackbelly)

Rosenberg told DBS4 the tent has been repaired and the restaurant will continue to operate the fire relief station through Friday at 5 p.m.

Anica Padilla