By Jennifer McRae

DENVER (CBS4)– First responders are reminding pet owners about the dangers of ice-covered ponds and dogs. Even though the ice that covers some ponds looks solid, looks can be deceiving and often times the ice is thin and can break easily.

(credit: Getty Images)

“When you are out walking during this time of year, I would suggest keeping your pets on a leash when you’re close to the ice because they know no difference. They see a winter wonderland and want to run and have fun on it and they get over-committed and fall in and then we have to go out and do a rescue,” said South Metro Fire Rescue firefighter engineer Corey Sutton.

(credit: Getty Images)

First responders urge dog owners to not follow their pets onto the ice because you will fall through. Call 911 and wait for help.

Jennifer McRae