By Logan Smith

(CBS4) — The ransomware group Ragnar_Locker spread claims of a successful hack of telecom analytics firm Subex and its Broomfield-based cybersecurity subsidiary, Sectrio, on Saturday. Ragnar_Locker’s leak site on the dark web showed an ‘.onion’ link purportedly containing vital information about the company and its employees.

A screenshot obtained by CBS4. (credit: CBS)

An unconfirmed online report stated the firewall, router and VPN configuration data, company passwords, and employee documents were published in the link.

On its website, the company advertises that it “secures converged networks through better asset visibility, reduced attack surfaces, and early detection of latent threats.”

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Ragnar_Locker, apparently trying to embarrass the company, condemned Sectrio for its inability to protect its own network.


Screenshots obtained by CBS4. CBS4 has obscured the passwords. (credit: CBS)

CBS4 sent an email to Sectrio on Saturday and has not received a response. This story will be updated when one is received.

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(credit: CBS)

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In September, the ransomware group threatened to expose the data of entities that it attacked – referring to them as “clients” – if those organizations to employed professional data recovery teams or contacted law enforcement in an attempt to resolve the group’s ransomware attack, reported.

Logan Smith