By Rick Sallinger

DENVER (CBS4) – The union representing the Denver Public School teachers wants a return to remote learning, but only a brief one. They say a large number of teachers are out due to COVID-19 symptoms, but still haven’t received test results.

It’s not the best time to be one of their students. Often their regular teachers are out with COVID-related matters and a substitute has taken their place.

(credit: CBS)

One female student at Denver’s West High School told CBS4, “We had two today and the we didn’t do anything because the teachers didn’t have time to plan.”

The Denver Classroom Teachers Association is urging its members to write DPS asking for a temporary break to remote learning to catch up.

Rob Gould, the president of the association said, “It would allow for safety, for educators who are out, they can get those test results back before going back in.”

Estimates are that around 10% of the teachers are now out district wide. So administrators are now helping fill in. That includes the Superintendent Alex Marrero who taught last week.

(credit: CBS)

Some classes have had to drop in-person sessions.

Denver Public Schools spokesman Scott Pribble explained, “We’ve had some schools that had to switch to remote learning. Sometimes one grade, sometimes several grades, sometime for a temporary period less than a week.”

The district’s emphasis is to keep kids in the classroom simply because it’s easier to learn there and better for the students’ environment.

A male student at West said for him it’s not all bad, “I feel like school’s going good now. Actually I don’t have any subs so it’s going good.”

The pandemic is providing unplanned lessons in “coronavirus variants” and “Contemporary American History.”

Rick Sallinger