By Mekialaya White

DENVER (CBS4) – Just inside the foyer of the Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library in Denver, a new museum display is illuminating Black brotherhood and sisterhood.

“It is a super honor to display our history,” said Jameka Lewis.

She has deep roots in her sorority, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, which is featured in the museum.

“I have been a member since November of 2001. I became a member at Langston University, so I just celebrated 20 years.”

She also works at the library, so naturally she was honored to be the one to put together the display.

“I’m a historian, I’m a Black librarian, and I work at a place that celebrates Black history and culture. The state committee originally approached me with the idea. It’s something that is actually done nationwide. Of course, as a member, I couldn’t say no. I welcome the opportunity to showcase my sorority and our fraternity brothers in the over 100 years of accomplishments that we have done.”

“You’ll see pictures of the original members who started chapters here in Colorado from all of the graduate chapters. You’ll also see some really neat paraphernalia, you’ll see pins, all kinds of stuff. You’ll see pictures from our founders, you’ll get to see the eight people who started these organizations and who blazed trails for us to be here today,” Lewis said.

(credit: CBS)

The fraternity that’s also part of the display, Phi Beta Sigma, is proud to showcase their dedication to service alongside such a powerful organization.

“Last year, I celebrated 30 years as part of this organization,” Mayo Thompson, Northeast State Director. “It’s a way to mentor younger generations, youth young professionals or older professionals. I’m a father as well and I hope to have my son be a legacy to our organization.”

Lewis and Thompson are proud of their long-standing history, to say the least.

“Just to be able to celebrate us. We are still in a pandemic, so it’s nice we’ll be able to come together safely and see each other and be able to say hi and be in a place and space that welcomes us,” said Lewis.

“To make sure that history is known, as we talk about Black joy and Black history, we have major players that have been part of our organization,” added Thompson. “Take the opportunity (to come see it). Knowledge is power.”

You are invited to view the special display during the library’s open hours. () To learn more, visit

Mekialaya White