By Danielle Chavira

(CBS4) – Quick doesn’t seem to fully describe a Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper’s reaction when a driver came barreling toward him. WHP shared video of the incredible moment on social media on Wednesday.

(credit: Wyoming State Patrol)

The trooper was responding to a crash on Interstate 80, just west of Laramie, on Tuesday, when another vehicle shot off the road, right at him.

Two troopers appeared pulled over, and one was walking back to his own vehicle when a semi drove by, and the trooper took notice.

Then, a few steps later, the trooper jumped to the right seemingly trying to avoid something, but then jumped back in front of his vehicle.

A second later, a vehicle is seen flying past both troopers on the shoulder of the roadway.

WHP shared the video on Wednesday, as more snow hit Wyoming — and Colorado —  urging drivers to “Please slow down, use caution, and plan ahead.”

“Conditions continue to deteriorate quickly across Wyoming. Interstate 80 and 25 are closed in several areas. Visibility is poor, and road surfaces are slick,” WSP stated on Wednesday.

Sergeant Jeremy Beck said the trooper is OK and the driver was not injured. They were able to pull the vehicle back onto the roadway.

Beck urged drivers to reduce their speed, wear a seatbelt and go easy on the brakes in snowy and icy conditions.

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Danielle Chavira