(CBS4) – After a snowstorm Wednesday night into Thursday morning, hundreds of flights were canceled or delayed Thursday at Denver International Airport.

On Wednesday night as the snow was falling heavily, airport officials tweeted “It’s a snowy night at DEN with teams working hard to keep things moving! Snowflake If you’re flying soon, make sure to check with your flight status with your airline.”

As of 3:30 p.m. Thursday, more than 260 flights through DIA were canceled and nearly many others were delayed.

The website FlightAware.com constantly tracks delays and flight cancellations at Denver International Airport, which goes by the airport code DEN and is known to locals in Colorado as DIA.

The majority of the canceled flights were through Southwest Airlines and United Airlines.

Southwest issued the following statement on Thursday afternoon:

“Southwest’s operation continues to be challenged by wintery weather and staffing challenges. As a result, Southwest has cancelled hundreds of flights scheduled for Thursday as we react to wintery conditions at some of our largest operational bases – including Baltimore/Washington International Airport, Denver International Airport, Nashville International Airport, and the Chicago area airports. Additionally, in Denver, for example, the extreme cold requires extra safety protocols for our Employees working outside, slowing the operation and causing delays. As a result, we have temporarily halted further arrivals at DEN this afternoon to allow our Employees extra time to safely perform their duties in the ongoing extreme conditions. We hope to resume operations again soon, once our Team has a chance to catch up with the current arrivals and departures. There is no higher priority than operating safely and ensuring everyone working our flights remains safe.”

Get current information about DEN flights at flightaware.com.

Visit DIA’s website at flydenver.com.

Jesse Sarles