DENVER (CBS4)– For Adams 14 and Denver Public Schools, it was a double whammy. Dealing with significant snowfall and freezing temperatures, along with a lack of staff meant kids in their districts got the day off from school.

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Dr. Alex Marrero, Denver Public Schools’ Superintendent, said while COVID-19 did play a part in their staffing woes, it was also simply staff calling out on the snow day for whatever reason.

“We started seeing our educators exercising their right to use their accumulated days or self-care days or decide not to engage in the treacherous four-mile trek to work that started to shift,” Marrero said.

He wasn’t frustrated with the staff, but said he needed to make a plan for the students, and that plan ended up calling off classes.

“The fact that I don’t have any hate mail in my inbox, which is unheard of…” Marrero joked. “We made a good decision.”

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Adams 14 also was put in a tight spot when it realized it would not have the staff it needed while trying to deal with the winter weather blast.

“We’re dealing with a need to ensure that we’ve got enough of the right people in front of our kids,” Dr. Robert Lundin, Executive director Communications and special projects for Adams 14 explained.

Both districts say COVID-19 has played a big part in staffing woes throughout the year, but things came to a head on Thursday with the added stress of the snow.

(credit: CBS)

Both districts will resume in-person learning Friday.

Spencer Wilson