BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – Investigators say they found 2,000 rounds of ammunition with a man they arrested for allegedly threatening a firefighter with a firearm. Stephen Roch was arrested on Dillon Road on Dec. 31 as the crews rushed to the Marshall Fire.

As CBS4 first reported on Jan. 2, a court affidavit states Denver Assistant Fire Chief Marc Wiedrrich first approached Roch at St. Andrews to tell him to evacuate.

Stephen Roch (credit: Boulder Sheriff)

“Roch, per Wiedrrich, said ‘If you want me out, you’ll need to take me out, and I have an AR15,'” the affidavit states. He allegedly made an obscene gesture and drove away.

It goes on to say Roch’s home was lost in the fire. Roch, 24, lives in Louisville.

(credit: CBS)

Responding officers were told Roch was driving a silver Toyota RAV4 and in possession of an AR-15 during interagency radio traffic that led to Roch’s location and arrest.

After he was taken into custody, Roch’s Toyota was searched. An AR-15 rifle was found out of its case on the back seat, plus two cases of .556 and .223 ammunition for an AR-15, according to the affidavit. A 9mm handgun was also found along with loose ammunition.

(credit: CBS)

Roch was booked into the Boulder County Jail. He has been arrested on five charges: Menacing with a Weapon, a felony, plus Obstructing Government Operations, Obstructing a Peace Officer/Firefighter, Eluding, and Third Degree Criminal Trespass.

Online public records show that Roch and other members of his family reside in the 700 block of St. Andrews Lane in Louisville.

During a press conference Sunday afternoon, Louisville Police Chief Dave Hayes briefly addressed the incident.

“I think he was angry and upset like a lot of people are, but that’s not the way to handle it,” he said.

Roch was advised of the charges in court Monday afternoon. A judge set bond at $30,000. Roch is scheduled to appear in court again Wednesday.

Danielle Chavira