By Jack Lowenstein

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (CB4) — Boulder Office Of Emergency Management warned Friday it still unsafe for residents to enter the areas evacuated due to the Marshall Fire.

(credit: CBS4)

According to Boulder OEM, “Not only are there active hot spots, but there are also downed power lines and trees at risk of falling, a risk that will increase once the snow arrives. It’s essential for everyone’s safety and for the integrity of the fire investigation that everyone remain out of the restricted areas for now. First responders are working to secure the area to allow residents to check on their homes as soon as possible. We promise we are working as quickly as possible to allow residents back in. However, please do NOT enter the closed evacuation areas. This not only puts you in danger, it takes resources away from our emergency responders and further hinders the work we are doing to extinguish hot spots, search the area, assess damaged properties and conduct our fire investigation.”

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Jack Lowenstein