By Jennifer McRae

DENVER (CBS4)– All the blowing dust from Wednesday’s high winds that blew through Colorado led to a health advisory for some living in the eastern part of the state. A doctor from National Jewish said the conditions are similar to the dangers posed by smoke from wildfires.

(credit: CBS)

“The particles that are kicked up are larger so they don’t get into the deep part of the lung, this an event that irritates the eyes and throat and nose and more likely to trigger allergies than lung problems,” said Dr. David Beuther with National Jewish.

There is a High Wind Warning in effect through 5 p.m. Wednesday that includes virtually every location in Colorado along and east of the Continental Divide.

The National Weather Service office in Pueblo recorded a 107 mph wind gust in Lamar shortly before 9 a.m. as a front passed through southeast Colorado.

Jennifer McRae